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How do I get help?
Before contacting customer service, make sure you have read through the Frequently Asked Questions - you may find your answer here. To contact customer service, please email us at

How do I set up GPRS on my mobile phone?
You can do it yourself by clicking on any of the links below or contact the service provider of your mobile phone for help setting up GPRS.

Optus customers:
Go to “Setup GPRS” and follow the prompts.
Telstra customers:
Type in your mobile number then a security password will be sent to your mobile.  Select your phone type and enter the password to move to the settings page. Choose the “Email” setting and the web page will send down the new settings to your mobile as well as give you a second PIN.  Just read the message on your mobile and type in the PIN when requested and your settings will be updated.
Vodafone customers:
Press “Mobile Phone Settings” > Select your mobile from the list.  Choose “Standard Set-up” A password will be displayed, which you type in along with your mobile number.  Then just follow the prompts sent down to your phone.
3 customers: 
Planet3>Setup & Pricing>Value Packs>Explorer Starter Pack
(Note: The Explorer Starter Pack costs an extra fee on
your plan, but you can turn it off once you have downloaded.)
Virgin Mobile:
Go to “Download My Settings” Progressively type in an Submit:
 > Phone Make  > Phone Model > Service - Choose “WAP” > Enter Mobile Number
When the “Configuration Message” is sent to your mobile just press “YES” then “OK” and your settings are updated.

For other carriers, just go to their web page or call Customer Service for instructions. 

How do I get help?
To contact customer service, please click here to email us.

How do I know if my phone is compatible?
Click here for a list of compatible phones.

What is GPRS?
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is used to send and receive data. Applications are sent via GPRS, so you will need to check with your service provider.