Mobile Booker
yellow cabs

The Booking Screen

To order a cab from the Yellow Cab Booking Service you will need to enter your information into one of the booking screens.

The screenshot to the right shows the booking from home option.

To enter your information into the fields, simply scroll down to the relevant box in the menu using your up and down keys on your mobile phone.

When you get to the dropdown boxes for building type, car type, and pickup when, simply click on the box, select the relevant choice and press enter once more to pop your option into the box.

When you click on the highlighted box your normal text entry window will pop up and key in your information just as you would do with a text message. When you click "ok" the text is popped into the box on the booking form.

Once all the information has been filled out, scroll down to the submit button and press enter.

Your request will then be sent to the booking service.


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